Hackingtosh: Generate proper problem reporting files Notes


Last update: 04 Mar 2018

Current Version: 4.2

I found out the resolution of alarm "Unable to connect to the internet. Aborted".

1.Edit "install_tools.sh", find "testURL=google.com" replace "testURL=tonymacx86.com" save and process installation.

2.During process install_tools.sh, when the shell display "Would you like to generate a report now?[y/n]:". Open /usr/bin, edit "gen_debug" find "testURL=google. com" replace "testURL=tonymacx86.com" save, return to the shell window and type "y" to continue.

Maybe this method is suitable for hackintosher in mainland China.

Because most Chinese hackintosher can not visit google. com.

我找到了提示"Unable to connect to the internet. Aborted"的解决方法。

1.编辑install_tools.sh, 找到"testURL=google.com"替换为"testURL=tonymacx86.com"保存和执行安装;

2.在install_tools.sh安装过程中,当界面显示"Would you like to generate a report now?[y/n]:"的适合打开/usr/bin路径编辑"gen_debug" 文件找到"testURL=google.com"替换为"testURL=tonymacx86.com"保存,返回shell界面 输入y继续进行安装。




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