Citrix XenServer Tools作用

XenServer Tools must be installed for each Virtual Machine (Windows and Linux) in order for the VM to have a fully supported configuration, and to be able to use the XenServer management tools (the xe CLI or XenCenter).

A Windows VM will function without them, but performance will be significantly hampered unless the tools are installed./不安装也能运行,但是性能在很大程度上会被限制

Without the tools being installed, you cannot:

• Cleanly shut down a VM /干净利落的关闭一台虚拟机

• Cleanly reboot a VM /干净利落的重启一台虚拟机

• Suspend a VM /挂起一台虚拟机

• Migrate a running VM (XenMotion) /利用XenMotion迁移一台正在运行的虚拟机

• Use the checkpoint and roll back feature /使用快照和从快照恢复功能

• Dynamically adjust the number of vCPUs assigned to a running Linux VM- Windows VMs require a reboot for this to take effect /动态调整vCPU数量,需要重启才能生效

For further information about XenServer Tools see the section called “XenServer Tools”


Running a VM without installing the XenServer Tools is not a supported configuration.



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